What to Expect

What to Expect

At your first appointment, the consultation, you will meet your Practitioner and they will perform a  thorough and in depth examination to discover what is the cause of your presenting problem.

After your consultation, your Practitioner will present your Report of Findings. Here, we will tell you what we have found and how we can help you. We create a bespoke plan of care for each person which may even be a combination of Chiropractic or Spinal Therapy, Massage and Sports Therapy- we will use whatever it takes to ensure that you get back to your optimum level of health and wellbeing.
Each of our team members is trained to the highest level of expertise and you are guaranteed to be in great hands.

Your Journey With Us:

Phase 1:

The pain phase

Here is when you first present, you have pain, sometimes swelling or inflammation, restricted movement and sometimes you are taking painkillers or anti inflammatories; this is not a fun stage.
Our primary objective here is to get you out of pain and make you comfortable so the real work can begin.

Phase 2:

The corrective phase

So believe it or not, pain is about the last thing to  happen with a problem! Now you are out of pain, we can start to correct the body. This may be done by a combination of corrective stretches and exercises for you to complete at home in combination with your exclusive care programme with us.
The corrective phase lays the foundations so that we can start to build up the weak areas in the next phase of care. If you want to build on a weak foundation, well, you all know what happened to the leaning tower of Pisa?!

Phase 3:

Stabilisation Care

You are now out of pain and we have corrected the  underlying structures that caused the problem, at this stage, we have usually discovered any ’naughty’ habits that are contributing to your issues or repetitive behaviours that are causing the problem to return.
Laura studied at the  McTimoney College of Chiropractic, finishing her degree in December 2007. In 2004, Laura moved from her home town of Wigan, Lancashire to Wokingham and has remained in Berkshire ever since. Laura now resides in Maidenhead. Feeling more at home in Berkshire, Laura decided to remain in the area after graduating and set up her business ‘Chiropractic 2U’ in 2009. Laura grew the mobile chiropractic service and in 2010 moved into a business premises in Winnersh and then to Wokingham in 2011. In Wokingham, Laura moved from the hectic town centre to a small unit on a farm which was supposed to be temporary whilst acquiring a larger unit, that fell through and patients then revealed that they were happy not to have to return to the town centre! We are still on the little farm unit today! In September 2014 Laura took advanced chiropractic qualifications in Sacro occipital technique and on the same day, completed on the clinic in Maidenhead… everything always happens at once! Laura worked between Wokingham and Maidenhead and keeps trying to stop practising in order to work on the business. We have built Maidenhead up, and are delighted with what we can offer now, more hours with 2 further Chiropractors, a sports therapist and a fabulous massage therapist, a Practise Manger and superstar CA ready to welcome you with your favourite drink when you arrive. Our intention is to have a fabulous practise for our guests who love the relaxed vibe and the quietness of being able to read a magazine and enjoy a cuppa whilst you wait for your appointment. Laura also sits on the SOTO Europe board delivering chiropractic education to Chiropractors all over Europe. Laura is a PRT trainer for the Royal College of Chiropractors and a table instructor for SOTO Europe. Laura also delivers in house training for the team at Maidenhead Chiropractic Clinic.

From stabilisation care, most people decide that they never want to go back to where they once were and want to get checked over occasionally, rather like we do at a dentist.

We have an Ultimate Wellbeing Community of fabulous, healthy clients that come and see us so that they stay feeling great rather than because they are in pain.

Remember, prevention is better than cure and you don’t have etc be in pain or broken to come and see us!

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