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Meet the Berkshire Health Clinic Team

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Laura graduated from the McTimoney College of Chiropractic with a BSc (Hons) degree in Chiropractic, and sits on the executive commitee for the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Sacro Occipital Technique Organisation Europe as secretary.

In her own words..

“I have always had an interest in the human body but knew that medicine wasn’t for me. When I saw my father treated for a bad back by a McTimoney Chiropractor and saw the success of the results first hand, I became very curious. I went on to have treatment myself for various ailments and was completely sold on the gentle yet effective method. I knew that Chiropractic was for me.

Since graduating, I have gained a wealth of experience treating newborn babies, people with sports injuries, general falls, teenagers and children, through to the osteoporotic patient and body builder and much more in between. Everyday there is a new challenge and a different condition which is what makes Chiropractic for me, so much fun.

I have a keen interest in cranial work and enjoy studying further chiropractic techniques to help with cranial problems using the sacro occipital technique. This has become a major part of my studies and practice as seeing the benefits of cranial work and the sacro occipital technique on patients has opened a whole new way of helping patients deal with various day to day problems and help them to turn their lives around.

Outside of work, I live in London and enjoy cycling, cooking, travelling and exercising. My main hobby is however my work and I sit on the executive committee for the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and the Sacro Occipital Technique Organisation Europe as secretary.”

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Andy qualified with a first-class master’s degree in December 2017 from McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Oxfordshire. The McTimoney technique allows for a full-body treatment approach to structure and alignment issues in the body. Andy qualified in sports massage (level 3 with merit) in January 2017 and is also a certified master practitioner and trainer (2007) in neuro-linguistic programming. He combines all these techniques and skills to offer targeted and specific treatments to his patients.

He is currently studying to complete his level 2 certification in ITM Alexander Technique.

Andy also holds a bachelor’s degree in information system design from Kingston University, London which he used in his previous profession as an IT project and programme manager.

In my spare time… “Spare time”, hmmm what’s that then? I starting to get used to the idea of having spare time again. After 5 years of studying chiropractic alongside a full-time job and with three teenage children, I’ve rather lost touch with the concept! When I do get time now, I enjoy walking the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire with my partner, Natalie. I can occasionally be found in the kitchen creating something culinary out of nothing or more commonly, directing others. When I do sit down, I’m addicted to watching Marvel films with the children.

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Christine is dedicated to the pursuit of health in everyday life, and has trained substantially to both treat and educate clients, enabling them to not only live a healthier life, but to sustain it.

In her own words..

“I am greatly interested in finding alternative and complementary approaches to health conditions and illnesses where it is practical to do so. I am constantly inquiring as to why people become ill in their particular way, how they exhibit their symptoms, and to see if we might be able to identify the root cause of the issue.

Following extensive training I am able to offer Homeopathy, Allergy/Food Sensitivity Testing and Healthy Eating advice.

My personal and family history initially guided my interest in conditions such as asthma, eczema, coeliac disease and cancer, but after many years in practice I now see clients with an extremely wide range of ailments and have a very pleasing success rate.”

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Samantha recently moved here from the USA where she grew up. It has been one of her dreams since she was a little girl to live here with all my extended family that she visited on holiday. It has been quite a process and she am so excited to finally be here and begin her life in the UK!

She has always wanted to help and provide beneficial care to people and was naturally attracted to the medical field. She attended the University of Mississippi where she acquired BASc with a pre-med background as a base to get her Doctorate in Physiotherapy. After finishing her BASc, she wanted to expand her knowledge and expertise while saving for graduate school and ended up attending the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy. It was then that she realized that massage was the perfect fit for her and she has been working as a Massage Therapist for the past 12 years.

While she never ended up attending graduate school she never completely let go of her interest in Physiotherapy. Instead, she used it to develop a style of massage called Biomechanical Release Technique. It combines Physio and Massage Therapy and focuses on pain relief without the need for deep pressure, which can often be painful.

This method looks at the body as a whole along with individual parts to find where the original problem is located.

She has a lot of experience in dealing with chronic pain issues and injuries of all sorts and has helped over 2000 people of all ages.

Her ability to relieve pain in a gentle manner when needed and her compassion for others helps to put anyone at ease when they see her for treatment.

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Lauren is our clinic assistant and the first point of contact, she is always happy to help. Lauren has  6 years experience in customer service and has prior knowledge of working at different chiropractic clinics.

Lauren joined the team at Berkshire health clinic to help turn chiropractic into a normal lifestyle choice for all the family.