About Berkshire Health Clinic

From the moment you step foot into our clinics, you  can always expect a warm welcome from our team.

We often find that people contact us when they are in pain and we are more than happy to assist but we do help people who aren’t in pain too; those people we help to stay well and at their absolute best.

If you are coming for pain relief, here is what you can expect:

We will often use all of our professionals to help you to bring you form your point of pain to complete  wellness, should you wish. Our care programmes are completely bespoke to what you want the outcome to be so we may combine, chiropractic or massage to ensure that you are fit and able to return to life pre pain and well, who knows, run that marathon or enjoy that cruise- whatever you want from life! You are the boss!

What We Do


Chiropractic means ‘done by hand.’ Chiropractors  have a degree in Chiropractic and study further each year, enhancing their skills and knowledge and techniques, this is why no two Chiropractic experiences between different practitioners are the same.

In Clinic, our Chiropractors have a range of specialities from pre natal care for mummies to be, care post nasally for both mummy and baby, care for children, sports enthusiast, the elderly and osteoporotic (our techniques are that gentle) and all that are in between.

Our Chiropractors practise a variety of techniques so if the clicking doesn’t sound like something that you are comfortable with, fear not! Our Chiropractors also use the gentle forms of the McTimoney Technique and Sacro Occipital Techniques. If you prefer something more robust then we can use more traditional techniques.

Your care plan will mainly be under the directive of a Chiropractor who will examine you at intervals during your careplan to ensure that you are on track.

Massage Therapy

You can refer yourself for massage which may be used as stand alone therapy or in combination with our other techniques for your treatment plan. We have 30 and 60 minute massage appointments. Sports massage is ideal for releasing tight muscles, sports tension, headaches, neck and shoulder or back pain, runners knee, repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow or wrist pains, general wellbeing and injury prevention. Swedish massage is ideal for relaxation after a long or stressful day or week. Charlotte also specialises in care for pregnant ladies and can massage you using special bench adaptations for your bump!

As we are a private healthcare clinic, you can refer yourself for any of our therapies. We do work with private healthcare insurance companies, please check with us before you book in that your policy is accepted in our clinic and that you are following your insurance company directives for referral.

We are a health clinic and our philosophy is prevention is better than cure. You are always welcome to come and get checked over, we thrive on keeping people at their best, it’s easier and cheaper for you too!

Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation

Our coach Sarah offers personal strength, conditioning and rehab appointments tailored to suit your needs whether that is to get fitter or stronger, prepare for a sporting event or recover from an injury or operation. This again may be used in combination with chiropractic and/ or massage or as a stand alone therapy. Sarah will assess you at the first appointment and discuss your concerns and create a tailor made plan to bring you back to your best self.

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