What Our Clients Have To Say..

Your opinions and feedback really mean a lot to us, and below you’ll find a small selection of the things people have said about Berkshire Health Clinic.

Its a pleasure to come here and get adjusted. Everyone is very friendly and the advice Laura has given, has helped me improve my overall health and understanding of my habits.A.T.
The Berkshire Health Clinic is a great place to go for treatment. Laura cares about her patients and really wants to see the best results for them. It is positive and life changing. It can improve energy levels as well as well as your posture. It can also improve long term injuries.Anon
The team was friendly and approachable. Treatments explained well.Anton
I was a little sceptical at what Chiropractic could do for me- but Laura has helped me deal with a problem that was making driving -of which I do a lot- a real problem.

I am now a convert to the art and science of Chiropractic, and would gladly recommend Laura’s gentle touch to anyone experiencing those aches and pains with which she deals so well.Paul B.

Before I started treatment with Laura I experienced pins and needles in both of my hands, regular headaches and very ‘clicky and crunchy’ wrists. This was a feeling that I had 90% of the time. In addition, my shoulders were also very tight and my pelvis was out of line regularly.

During my treatment with Laura, I learned how to better my posture, and also got in tune with my body and knew when I was in pain and when I needed treatment.

After regular treatments with Laura, I don’t experience pain in my hands anymore and my posture is much better. I feel much better as my back is not hurting on a daily basis.Sam W.

I recently had a series of treatments with Laura. She was very thorough and always prompt. I was impressed by the thorough initial assessment given and discovered things about my body that I was previously unaware of.

I have had Chiropractic work done before and I was surprised at how gentle McTimoney Chiropractic treatment is compared to a standard Chiropractor.

My treatment was pain free and incredibly relaxing. Being in alignment feels wonderful! Laura was happy to refer me to a colleague for some soft tissue work and monitored my progress throughout the sessions. I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a pain free solution to their Chiropractic needs. Beth S.

Having received an injury to my lower back area at work, which left me unable to walk unaided, I called Laura, she made an appointment for the next day and after initial assessment made a diagnosis and began a course of treatment that made me fit to return to work within 2 weeks. Shaun M.
Laura has been working on my back and has resolved the original problem and has been providing great advice on related areas such as posture. It really helps that she comes to my Office at times that fit my schedule. No hesitation in recommending Laura.Andy B.
When I first visited Laura, I was at my wits end, a problem that I had been experiencing for over a year and on strong pain medication that barely touched the sides. I could barely move my arm and my husband had to help me to dress myself- not great for someone in their 50’s. After 2 treatments with Laura, I took myself off the strong amytryptaline and haven’t looked back since!

My range of movement has continued to improve, I can dress myself again and now when I visit Laura, I sometimes forget to talk about my bad arm and shoulder as it barely gives me grief anymore!

I’d happily recommend Laura to anyone that I know suffering with problems that they feel nothing else works and they have hit a brick wall, save for surgery try Laura first!Denise B.

Dear Laura,

Just a little note to say thank you for your excellent treatment of my back. I had been having upper back pain for some time due to poor posture at work. However, through your treatment and exercise advice I am now pleased to say that my back has improved considerably and my posture is much better.

I have been really delighted at the difference it has made to my overall health and wellbeing and to the length of time that I am now able to work.

I would, and do, happily recommend your services to anyone who I feel may benefit from your treatment. Best Wishes,Christine W.

Dear Laura,

I would like to thank you again for the treatment you provided me when I twisted my back out. Your first assessment was thorough and enlightened me to possible corrections needed when sitting at work. The further treatments you provided solved the back issue quickly and expertly.

I will certainly be recommending you to anyone that needs your services.

Many thanks again.Neil B.

Dear Laura,

I want to say how amazed I am at the speed at which my chronic shoulder pain has eased thanks to you. Following a ski-ing injury, on the top of various other injuries, as I was recommended to a physiotherapist. After 17 visits there was not much improvement so I was referred back to the specialist. He advised that injections to my spine was the way forward but I did not want to have them. I wanted to get to the cause of the problem and not just mask it. The specialist agreed that Chiropractic may help.

Even after our first session there was improvement. Now, after 5 sessions my shoulder pain has gone and my shoulder is much more mobile. I appreciate there is still more work to be done and there is no doubt that the fact that you do trigger point work as well does help with my particular problems.

I have already recommended your services to other people and will continue to do so. Caroline S.

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