Berkshire Health Clinic are prepared for all occasions.  Whether you need support for an upcoming triathlon, or need support when going through a stressful time of life, we’ve got your back.

Marathon Package

We offer pre and post sessions specifically for your next Marathon.  Book in with us 6 weeks before your event and a one off payment will give you the perfect combination of chiropractic and massage to get you through your training and be in great shape for event day.  We’ll also look after you post-race and ease those aches and pains and attend to any injury sustained during your big marathon event.

Sports Events Package

Whether you’re taking part in a triathlon, bikeathon, cycling, swimming or any other sporting event, we’ve got a great package tailored exactly for you. As with our Marathon package, a one off payment will give you a bespoke combination of chiropractic and massage 6 weeks ahead of your event to get your ready for your big day, and to help you recuperate afterwards and get you ready for your next challenge!

Mother & Baby Package

Congratulations! Whether you’re in the early stages of pregnancy or recently given birth, chiropractic and massage are the perfect combination to retain and restore your strength and posture. McTimoney chiropractic is also gentle enough for new born babies and children to give them the best start in life. Ask about our unique package to keep you both in balance and harmony together.

Lifestyle Package

Life will always throw us a curve-ball, and sometimes we don’t know where to turn for help or what to do to feel better.  In times of stress, whether it’s a new job, having a baby, moving house, exams, a bereavement,  a break-up or an unexpected crisis, our Lifestyle Package will be tailored specifically to care for you and to improve your physical and emotional strength.

Wellness Community Memberships

Our Membership packages are specifically designed for our Wellness patients, those who have completed their recommended course of chiropractic or massage sessions and are at a stage where monthly maintenance will keep them in tip top condition and prevent them from slipping back into old habits or unnecessary pain.  We have different tiers of Wellness packages, each with additional benefits for being part of our valued Community.  Further details provided by your chiropractor once you have completed your recommended treatment plan..

If you’ve not visited Berkshire Health Clinic before and you’re interested in our Packages of Care, please book your initial consultation with one of our Chiropractors who will happy to recommend and explain your bespoke plan.  If you are already one of our patients, book in your next adjustment and discuss your requirements with your Chiropractor or Therapist at your next visit.  

Berkshire Health Clinic are proud to work with

We are an expanding and dynamic practice which delivers the highest quality chiropractic and massage in a safe and relaxed environment. Our team is committed and passionate in caring for, empowering and educating our members and community. We welcome guests of all ages to enjoy the benefits of world class health that chiropractic care can bring to them through a lifestyle membership.


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