Back care in the garden

As we are (hopefully) heading towards sunnier times, out come the shovels, secateurs, and shears to prune and hone our much-loved gardens. But sometimes our efforts come with much hardship and several visits to the Chiropractor! Here are some tips that may help you to avoid any injuries whilst gardening. Dress Comfortably. Without stating the obvious, dress appropriately. Restrictive clothing … Read More

How can Chiropractic treatment help Osteoarthritis of the hip?

hip pain, chiropractic treatment

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease and occurs as a result of wear and tear, it can affect men and women but is more common when we get older. It is a painful and degenerative condition, and there are no known cures. It affects the weight-bearing joints like the spine, hips, knees, and ankles. In the case of hips, … Read More

Sleeping Position for Back Problems

Many patients ask me about what mattress they should be sleeping on or how many pillows they should use and what position to sleep in. Here are the answers to those questions and some information to help you to avoid that stiffness in the low back in the morning; There are many reasons that people might not sleep well, but … Read More

Bad Back Caused by Driving

Commuting today often means that people are spending more and more time stuck in traffic jams and queues. And with more traffic, the increase in joint and back pain from driving has seen a huge increase in chiropractic treatments for the frequent driver’s back problems. According to research by inrix, UK drivers are spending more time than ever stuck in … Read More

Back Pain in Footballers

Berkshire Health Clinic are a leading choice for treating back pain in Maidenhead and further afield, and we lend our expertise in chiropractic treatments to many sports men and women. And with that in mind, we were particularly interested when a leading sports injury specialist hosted a Q&A session recently to discuss why so many footballers are becoming the victims … Read More